Resources for gender-based violence prevention and for survivors

Violence against women affects 1 in 3 women globally and is one of the most widespread human rights violations in the world.


European Bank – New guidance for private sector on gender-based violence and harassment: This publication responds to the need raised by companies and investors for practical tools and guidance on emerging best practices to prevent and respond to the risk of violence and harassment.


Instituto Politécnico Nacional – Violentometer: A graphic and didactic material in the form of a ruler that consists of visualizing the different manifestations of violence that are hidden in daily life and that are often confused or unknown. It is a useful tool that allows one to be alert, trained and attentive to detect and address these types of practices and is not only of great benefit to educational institutions, but also to family and work environments.


MeToo Mining Association: Resources to find help, support or information regarding sexual assault or sexual harassment in Canada


MineShift: Shifting the workplace culture in mining through Allyship and Bystander Intervention Training.


The Pixel Project: list of online resources about the following forms of violence against women and girls. These pages contain links to various organisations working to fight the different kinds of violence against women in countries worldwide.


Mining Industry HR Council of Canada – Safe Workplaces for All:  An overview of legislative frameworks related to sexual harassment and violence in Canadian mining. Postcards, posters and stickers on rights, responsibilities and supports for employers, unions, employees, including complainants, respondents and witnesses – available in English, French and Inuit. Report: An analysis of obligations, risks and opportunities for addressing sexual harassment and violence in Canadian mining.


Mining Industry HR Council of Canada – GBVH Postcards: Below you can find and download postcards in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese with detailed information on responsibilities and support for employers, unions, workers, including complainants, respondents and witnesses of actions related to sexual harassment and violence in Canadian and global mining.

If you believe you've been harassed

If you may have crossed a line

Reporting sexual harassment

If you witness sexual harassment at work

Identifying workplace support

Others forms of harassment