It is vital that women’s individual and collective voice be heard for the industry to improve in diversity, governance and sustainability.


IWiM’s work is varied and constantly evolving, as the organisation seeks to create opportunities and provide support for all women in the mining sector.


To that end, IWiM acts:

  • as Industry Change Agent, to make mining a better industry through diversity, gender parity and inclusion;
  • as WIM Champion, to strengthen and coordinate Women in Mining (WIM) organisations to achieve global cohesion; and
  • as Diversity Trend Setter, to collect and dispense knowledge supporting the enhancement of women’s role and participation.

See each pillar to view what it entails in practice: our associated Global Projects, Global Campaigns and Research.


In addition, as the only international platform supporting the global gender parity agenda in mining, IWiM Connections link up a variety of stakeholders across the industry pursuing similar transformation goals in extractives and/or other industrial sectors; these connections can entail providing support, exchanging information and/or coordinating joint initiatives and are a significant part of IWiM’s work, leadership and impact.