International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) is an annual global campaign that honours the achievements of all who identify as women and the advancement of inclusion in mining. It represents our continuous commitment to working collaboratively for gender equity in the sector.

Even though this year’s day of observance June 15 lands on a Saturday, the festivities won’t stop! Join us on our social media platforms as we continue to celebrate IDWIM 2024, showcasing the vibrant celebrations taking place worldwide.

We welcome you to join us for our dedicated IDWIM 2024 2-hour online event to be held on Tuesday, 18 June 2024.

Please see the time and date in your location here.

“I am Mining and I Belong” is the theme for IDWIM 2024.

What does that statement mean for you?

It carries a very powerful message of inclusion, empowerment, claiming space, and advocating for positive change within an industry undergoing transformation. As the mining sector evolves, this phrase serves as a powerful reminder of the diverse individuals who contribute to it and the importance of creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

At IDWIM 2024 guest speakers will share their work, practices and values on gender inclusion for women in mining everywhere. We trust the industry will learn and be inspired by their examples.

We’re spreading the IDWIM celebration all year long and we invite everyone to host their own celebrations before, during, and after IDWIM 2024. We’d like to invite companies and organisations, industry associations and individuals to host their own in person celebrations locally.

Get together with your team and peers to participate in IDWIM 2024. Host a meeting to discuss inclusion and other relevant issues and to honour the women in your locality.

We will be sharing all IDWIM 2024 branding collateral to include in your celebrations soon, so stay tuned!

We are currently running the #IAmMining photo campaign to showcase women in mining at work and make them visible in this amazing global industry. We invite you to submit photos of yourself in your professional environment, be that the office, the mine site, with communities, at the lab or anywhere! We like to showcase all who identify as women in mining from across the world!

To be featured, send us your photo(s) here.

We will repost all shared photos throughout the year. During the IDWIM 2024 celebration, we will share a collage video with all of your images for the whole world to see the amazing diversity of women in mining.

Share #IDWIM2024 news among your networks, colleagues and friends! Your support will not go unnoticed!

Comment and be part of the conversation to celebrate women in mining on social media using the hashtags #IAmMining #SoyMinería #JeSuisLactivitéMinière #SouMineração.