International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) is an annual global campaign that honours the achievements of all who identify as women and the advancement of inclusion in mining. It represents our continuous commitment to working collaboratively for gender equity in the sector.

Even though this year’s day of observance June 15 lands on a Saturday, the festivities won’t stop! Join us on our social media platforms as we continue to celebrate IDWIM 2024, showcasing the vibrant celebrations taking place worldwide.

We welcome you to join us for our dedicated IDWIM 2024 two-hour online event which will be held on Tuesday, 18 June 2024.  ( time and date in your location here )

Whether you join our virtual gathering or participate in other ways, share your celebrations and let’s amplify the voices of women in mining together! Be sure to include IDWIM 2024 logos and materials which you can find here.

El Día Internacional de la Mujer Minera (IDWIM) es una campaña mundial anual que rinde homenaje a los logros de todas las que se identifican como mujeres y al avance de la inclusión en la minería. Representa nuestro compromiso continuo de trabajar en colaboración por la igualdad de género en el sector. Aunque este año el día de conmemoración, el 15 de junio, cae en sábado, las celebraciones no se detendrán. Únase a nosotros en nuestras plataformas de medios sociales mientras seguimos celebrando el IDWIM 2024, mostrando las vibrantes celebraciones que tienen lugar en todo el mundo. Te invitamos a unirte a nosotros en nuestro evento online de 2 horas dedicado al IDWIM 2024, que tendrá lugar el martes 18 de junio de 2024. Consulta la hora y la fecha en tu localidad aquí. El evento contará con traducción al español. Tanto si te unes a nuestra reunión virtual como si participas de otras formas, comparte tus celebraciones y amplifiquemos juntos las voces de las mujeres en la minería. Asegúrese de incluir los logotipos y materiales del IDWIM 2024 en sus eventos que puede encontrar aquí.

La Journée Internationale de la Femme dans l’Industrie Minière (IDWIM) est une campagne mondiale annuelle qui rend hommage aux contributions de toutes les personnes qui s’identifient comme des femmes et à la promotion de l’inclusion dans l’industrie minière. Elle représente notre engagement continu à travailler en collaboration pour l’équité entre les hommes et les femmes dans le secteur. Même si le 15 juin de cette année tombe un samedi, les festivités ne s’arrêteront pas pour autant ! Rejoignez-nous sur nos plateformes de médias sociaux pour célébrer IDWIM 2024 le weekend et nous célébrerons avec un evenement le 18. Nous vous invitons à vous joindre à nous pour notre événement en ligne de deux heures consacré à IDWIM 2024 le mardi 18 juin 2024 (heure et date dans votre région ici). L’événement sera traduit en français. Partagez vos célébrations avec nous et amplifions ensemble les voix des femmes dans l’industrie minière ! Nous mettons notre matériel marketing à votre disposition ici.

O Dia Internacional da Mulher na Mineração (IDWIM) é uma campanha global anual que homenageia as conquistas de todos os que se identificam como mulheres e o avanço da inclusão na mineração. Ela representa nosso compromisso contínuo de trabalhar de forma colaborativa para a igualdade de gênero no setor. Embora o dia de comemoração deste ano, 15 de junho, seja no sábado, as festividades não vão parar! Junte-se a nós em nossas plataformas de mídia social enquanto continuamos a celebrar o IDWIM 2024, mostrando as comemorações vibrantes que ocorrem em todo o mundo. Convidamos você a se juntar a nós em nosso evento on-line de duas horas dedicado ao IDWIM 2024, que será realizado na terça-feira 18 de junho de 2024. (hora e data em sua localidade aqui). O evento terá tradução para o português. Compartilhe suas comemorações e vamos juntos ampliar as vozes das mulheres na mineração! Disponibilizamos todo o material de marketing para você usar aqui.

IDWIM’s 2024 theme is “I am Mining and I Belong”

What does that statement mean for you?

It carries a very powerful message of inclusion, empowerment, claiming space, and advocating for positive change within an industry undergoing transformation. As the mining sector evolves, this phrase serves as a powerful reminder of the diverse individuals who contribute to it and the importance of creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

During our IDWIM 2024 event, guest speakers will share their work, practices and values on gender inclusion for women in mining everywhere. We trust the industry will learn and be inspired by their examples.

Thème de l’année 2024: Je suis l’activité minière et j’appartiens  |  Lema do ano 2024: Sou mineração e pertenço | Lema del año 2024: Soy minería y pertenezco

It’s time to make your voice heard and cast your vote for the #IAmMining photo competition.

As we celebrate the IDWIM 2024 theme “I am mining and I belong,” each photo tells a powerful story of belonging, resilience, and empowerment within the mining community. By participating in the voting process, you’re not just selecting your favorite images – you’re affirming the importance of inclusivity and belonging for every individual in mining, regardless of background or role.

The voting period starts from May 10 to June 13, 2024. Head over to the voting platform now and celebrate the diverse faces and stories that make our industry so vibrant and dynamic.


Congratulations to the 10 finalist photos. During IDWIM 2024, we will be holding an online vote from which we will select and award the three most voted photos.




We are pleased to announce that the new International Day of Women in Mining Campaign Ambassador this year is Amparo Cornejo, Vice President South America, Teck Resources Limited.

She is committed to a new mining sector that contributes to the development and well-being of people by integrating local communities, working towards the inclusion of more women in the industry and moving towards the highest environmental standards. Amparo has recently been recognised as Executive of the Year in Chile by EY and El Mercurio. This prestigious honour recognises her leadership and record of raising the bar for social and environmental performance across our industry.

In her own words: “I feel a strong commitment to continue opening spaces for meaningful leadership for women in mining and contributing to the transformation our industry requires to provide equal opportunities for all, connect more deeply with people, and responsibly produce the minerals needed for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

“From Latin America, in Chile, one of the world’s leading copper producers, I am very honoured to be the ambassador of IDWIM 2024. I support the visibility of this international celebration event on the contribution of women in mining to inspire more inclusion, equity and diversity.”

Read the full press release here.


We’re spreading the IDWIM celebration all year long and we invite everyone to host their own celebrations before, during, and after IDWIM 2024. We’d like to invite companies and organisations, industry associations and individuals to host their own in person celebrations locally.

Get together with your team and peers to participate in IDWIM 2024. Host a meeting to discuss inclusion and other relevant issues and to honour the women in your locality.

Be sure to include IDWIM 2024 logos and materials which you can find here.

We are currently running the #IAmMining photo campaign to showcase women in mining at work and make them visible in this amazing global industry. We invite you to submit photos of yourself in your professional environment, be that the office, the mine site, with communities, at the lab or anywhere! We like to showcase all who identify as women in mining from across the world!

To be featured, send us your photo(s) here.

We will repost all shared photos throughout the year. During the IDWIM 2024 celebration, we will share a collage video with all of your images for the whole world to see the amazing diversity of women in mining.

Share #IDWIM2024 news among your networks, colleagues and friends! Your support will not go unnoticed!

Comment and be part of the conversation to celebrate women in mining on social media using the hashtags #IAmMining #SoyMinería #JeSuisLactivitéMinière #SouMineração.