Pioneering a new era for women in mining globally


IWiM has defined impact goals for each of its strategic action pillars and carefully monitors its achievements, beneficiary outcomes and wider societal impact of its work.

Achieving IWiM’s Impact Goals

As Industry Change Agent, by strengthening the position and presence of women at all levels of industry

As WIM Champion, by fostering the emergence of diverse and local WIM organisations leveraging game-changing collective strength

As Diversity Trend Setter, by promoting knowledge-driven policies, impactful decisions and measurable progress

Achieving these goals hinges on consistent initiatives and positions over the medium to long-term, in line with IWiM’s vision of a global change of mindset to achieve gender equality in mining. IWiM’s success is also contingent on the commitment of stakeholders to shared values and ambitions: engagement, influence and collective dynamics are thus integral to IWiM’s mandate, action and impact.

Reporting on Actions and Impact

We are proud to publish our inaugural Impact Report in 2021, mapping out how far we have come, what we have achieved and how it is serving women in mining worldwide.

Read our Impact report