As WIM Champion, IWiM aims to promote all women in mining, including our 12,500+ members and followers across 125+ countries, and to strengthen and coordinate WIM organisations worldwide with the goal of global cohesion.

Our impact goal is a diverse network of women in mining and WIM organisations leveraging their game-changing collective strength.

Women in Mining (WIM) organisations play an essential role by bringing women and stakeholders together, supporting diversity and giving a voice to women in mining through regional and national initiatives. IWiM enjoys enduring and supportive relationships with 70+ WIM organisations globally, and aims to increase global recognition of WIM organisations’ incredible work and results and to promote a strong, unified WIM voice through the International WIM Alliance.

IWiM creates opportunities for IWiM members and followers, and other women in mining, by sharing resources and widely circulating information, job postings, courses and events of interest.

We also drive global projects including a 10-month webinar series designed and recorded in 2015-2016 by IWiM in collaboration with leading experts. This gave women working in mining or covering the mining sector and interested in directorships an opportunity to acquire the tools to achieve their goals.