International Women in Mining (IWiM) invites the global mining industry to celebrate female talent, and continue to work towards gender equality in the sector. 


The International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) celebrates women’s perseverance, contributions, talent and spirit on the 15 of June every year. It brings to light to the advancements achieved and the opportunities available for the industry to continue to become sustainable, diverse and inclusive. IDWIM has two primary objectives:

  1. To celebrate the pioneers who paved the way and those we sadly lost, the women currently working in the mining sector and the future ones who will join the mining sector with a yearly global celebration. Everyone, everywhere, is invited.
  2. To be a campaign that calls on industry and individuals to collectively and collaboratively work on actionable initiatives towards a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive mining industry.

There are many ways for you, your company or organisation, and the industry at large to get involved. We call on professionals, mining companies, academia, suppliers, industry associations, governments, unions, and civil society organisations from all mining countries.


14:00 London (BST)
Opening introduction to IDWIM
14:10 Words of welcome by Barbara Dischinger, IWiM Founder and Director
14:20 Opening keynote presentation by Laura Tyler, IDWIM 2022 Campaign Ambassador
14:40 Keynote presentation by Sheila Khama, International Consultant and former CEO of De Beers Botswana
14:50 Interactive exercise and first draw to win prize
15:00 Break, music & dance
15:10 Keynote presentation by Prof Deanna Kemp, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland
15:20 Activities and second draft to win prize. Presentation of WIM Organisations worldwide.
15:30 Keynote presentation by Rohitesh Dhawan, International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM)
15:45 Interactive exercises and presentation of IDWIM annual campaign initiatives
16:00 End of IDWIM 2022 celebration



All photos received are being shared on social media daily and will be uploaded to our Photo gallery and we will continue doing so post 15th of June. All videos received are being shared in our YouTube Channel in our IDWIM Playlist





We are honoured to announce the 2022-23 Campaign Ambassador is Laura Tyler:

“Being the Campaign Ambassador provides me with the chance to share my story, learn from others and promote women in mining to the globe!”

With over 30 year’s international mining experience, Laura understands first-hand the outstanding role of women in mining and also the challenges women have faced in the industry. Laura has worked across technical and leadership roles for world-class mining companies such as BHP, Western Mining Corporation, Newcrest Mining and Mount Isa Mines.

Laura is a passionate advocate of change, driven to help continue the industry on its inclusion and diversity journey.



On the day invited speakers will share their views and experience about what the industry has achieved so far, and the challenges and opportunities still available for effective gender equality in the sector. Their views will provide a guiding light for IDWIM to continue its work throughout the next year. Check out their thoughts on IDWIM captured on video here



Click here to read bio                                    Click here to read bio



       Click here to read bio                                   Click here to read bio



We want you to be the protagonist! There are many ways for you to get involved. Choose one or all, and let’s build, support and spread the word about the IDWIM global celebration.


Submit photographs of yourself, or taken by you at work in your professional environment be that the office, the plant, mine site or the big outdoors. Go to our Photo Campaign to submit your entry.

Your photographs will be shared on social media and be featured on our photo gallery. 


Submit a 30-second video (selfie-style) telling us about your career journey in the industry and your experiences. Your video will be uploaded to the IWiM YouTube channel and showcased on the IDWIM website.

Send videos to



Nominate pioneers, trendsetters and/or future inspirational people from your local mining ecosystem. We will interview and showcase their work! You can submit as many as you like.

Send your nominations to until June 10.



We invite mining professionals worldwide to submit names for the In Memoriam section of IDWIM2022.

We want to commemorate the women who paved the path toward inclusion in mining and who are no longer with us. Contact



We invite you to share your comments and thoughts about the primary local struggles for women in mining, and the means by which you or others are tackling and proposing change.

Send us a message with your thoughts to



We want to promote the work carried out by WIM organisations worldwide, showcase and celebrate projects, initiatives, collaboration, and other actions with a global audience!

Send the information of your work to



IWiM will host a 2-hr online event at 14:00-16:00 BST, and we invite all WIM organisations to host their own celebrations throughout the world. Contact to coordinate and collaborate.

Let’s make IDWIM a simultaneous online festival celebrated annually by WIMs and all mining stakeholders from across the globe!



Support IDWIM2022 through your social media channels and be part of the conversation! Any and all graphic materials are available to you, as well as individual mentions through IWiM’s channels. Your support will not go unnoticed!

Contact with any questions or comments.



On this day we celebrate all women who were pioneers and paved the way for everyone else to join the industry.

United States

Lou Hoover | Fermina Sarras

South Africa

Sabine Anderson, first women to work underground and participate in the law being changed

Papua New Guinea

Alex Atkins was one of the first women working underground


We also want to highlight all the WIM leaders who took the first step to promote gender equality in mining in their own countries by creating, founding and setting up WIM organisations, CLICK HERE to learn more about them.



Thari women participating in flagship Women Dump Truck Drivers Program of SECMC in Pakistan

Lisa Sumi, IRMA

Ailie MacAdam, Bechtel

Mongolia –  G. Narantuya | Tsetstegbayar

Argentina – Edith Flores

Chile – Astrid Escobar

learn more about them HERE.


Kristy, you deserve so many accolades, we miss you!

An inspirational and passionate leader and fighter for inclusion and better workplaces for everyone in mining, especially for women working in underground mining! She started Shesfreetobe to help companies improve their workplaces and also sell urination and menstruation kits to women working in heavy infrastructure fields like mining that need to wear uniforms, work in shifts and can be far away from toilets and changing rooms for long hours.

Kristy sadly lost her battle with cancer in February 2022

Purple was her favourite colour.


We are dedicating the International Day Women in Mining 2022 to pioneers and inspirational women who left us too soon. They helped pave the way for many women to thrive in mining today.

Kristy Christensen, Founder of Shesfreetobe

Nana Akua Ohene Adu, Ghana


Sponsorship packages are still available: corporate contributions to the International Day of Women in Mining will provide a dedicated space to promote your company values and commitment to diversity and inclusion in mining. For benefits and further information contact Bárbara Alcayaga at