Together for gender equality in mining

The inaugural Global WIM Summit convened by International Women in Mining (IWiM) on 1 and 2 March 2021 was a great success, and significant progress was made towards bringing women in mining (WIM) organisations together as a unified movement, speaking with one voice on the issues that matter to all women in mining, worldwide.

Global WIM Summit Event Report

225 WIM organisation representatives from more than 70 WIM organisations across the world benefitted from insightful keynote presentations and participation in thought-provoking workshops and collegial round tables with key industry experts. The event was carefully coordinated across multiple time zones with simultaneous translation in French and Spanish to make it as inclusive and immersive as possible.

Sponsors included knowledge partner McKinsey and Company, the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals (IGF) and Minerals Council Australia.

The Global Summit also saw the Launch of the International WIM Alliance, a pioneering initiative designed to leverage the collective strength of WIM organisations in pursuit of gender equality in mining. The publication of the International WIM Alliance Declaration represents a milestone in the journey of the global WIM movement towards improved conditions and opportunities for women in the extractives industry.

Resolutions reached at the Global WIM Summit included:

  • A call for a more coordinated approach to globalised advocacy in support of local and national initiatives;
  • A call for increased coordination at a global level with regulators, policy shapers and market leaders to fully integrate the WIM agenda; and
  • A call for increased collaboration among WIM organisations to devise shared guidance, tools and initiatives facilitating their work in support of women in mining.


  • 225 attendees from more than 70 WIM organisations across the world
    • 27 WIM organisations in Africa, including founder of emerging organisation in Sudan
    • 7 WIM organisations in Asia, including founder of emerging organisation in China
    • 7 WIM organisations in Australia and New Zealand
    • 8 WIM organisations in Europe
    • 13 WIM organisations and chapters in North America
    • 10 WIM organisations in Latin America

  • 320 networking activities such as chats and meetings among attendees via the Summit platform
  • 16 workshops and round tables over two days, spanning every time zone and totalling 21 hours of interactive live sessions
  • 4 pre-recorded keynotes and panels, 210+ views
  • 18 leading experts facilitating interactive workshops or speaking in pre-recorded keynotes and panels
  • 14 WIM organisations hosting networking round tables on priority themes chosen by WIM organisation leaders polled in December 2020
  • 10 WIM organisations speaking together to announce the International WIM Alliance


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