IWiM aims to lead a global change in attitudes and behaviour to achieve gender parity in mining.

Our impact goal is the development of knowledge-driven policies, impactful decisions and measurable progress in the gender parity agenda in the mining sector.

The first step to change is industry-wide acknowledgment of its necessity and possibility. It is therefore important, though not sufficient, to increase awareness of improvements needed and opportunities available for women to thrive in mining.

In addition, IWiM acts for the change it advocates as a source of proposals, whether emulating best practice and/or developing innovative approaches through collaborative research, policy work and advocacy.

As Diversity Trend Setter, IWiM aims to collect and dispense knowledge supporting the enhancement of women’s role and participation.

This is achieved through:

  • IWiM Global Campaigns focusing on sharing best practices and/or advocating for women in mining, including
    • the Inclusive Workplace Design in Mining initiative focusing on innovative and practical ideas to improve workplace design to benefit everyone working in mining;
    • the #MiningTogether – Inclusion Begins With Us video storytelling campaign organised in 2019 by IWiM in collaboration with AngloAmerican and De Beers Group; and
    • The IWiM Photo Campaign creating a photo library to increase awareness of how many women work in mining and to share important visual stories that celebrate women in mining; and
  • IWiM Thought Leadership and Research including the “Impactful Women” initiative examining opportunities and constraints for WIM organisations worldwide, currently conducted in strategic partnership with the World Bank;
  • Collating and sharing Resources in the form of best practices and reports issued by various organisations pursuing similar transformation goals in extractives and/or other industrial sectors.