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IWiM has built long-lasting and supportive relationships with 40+ WIM organisations globally and now proposes to structure these relationships to form the IWiM Associates Network, aligning some of their interests through a multi-lateral, mutually beneficial relationship.



Leveraging Collective Strength

The purpose of the IWiM Associates Network is to

  • Promote diversity, gender parity and inclusion in the mining sector;
  • Promote a strong, unified WIM voice and support to and among WIM organisations world-wide;
  • Share knowledge supporting the enhancement of women’s role and participation; and
  • Promote the work and initiatives of WIM organisations and learn from each other.

The IWiM Associates Network is formed among WiM organisations as a multi-lateral engagement platform organised by IWiM and operates according to principles of collaboration, support, independence and complementarity among associated WIM organisations.

Each WIM organisation, outside of joint projects, campaigns and initiatives coordinated or facilitated by IWiM, retains its independence and specific focus. Participation in the IWiM Associates Network does not entail integration, control or affiliation of any WIM organisation.

IWiM is in the process of coordinating adhesion of WIM organisations world-wide.


Contact info@internationalwim.org

Collaboration and Support

* Access to a common information and visibility platform, shaping a unified message on gender parity and diversity

* Share WIM organisations’ news and promote activities and achievements to a global audience

* Connect WIM organisations and other organisations or associations supportive of diversity agenda

* Share opportunities for collaboration, fundraising and joint activities across network or by region

Independence and Complementarity

* Independent organisations focus on relevant WIM communities, members and agenda

* Continue IWiM support to new and growing WIM organisations for even wider and stronger network

* Facilitate complementary relationships with common supporters among global organisations and businesses