Women as Levers of Change

Published: 04/04/2020

Foreign Policy’s new report: Women as Levers of Change is a study examining women’s inclusion & impact across 14 legacy industries (including mining and coal, separated here). The research reveals positive correlation between gender diversity and environmental, social & governance ratings. It spotlights steps to mobilize women’s transformational capacity in male-dominated sectors.

You may remember that we came to you during the research phase and FP talked to a number of you. Thank you for contributing.


Recording of report launch for those interested: https://youtu.be/k290BdvoTP4

FPA analysis found that the companies with the highest percentage of women in management were, on average, 47% more profitable than those with the lowest.

Metals and Mining + Coal are at the bottom.
Metals & Mining has 15% women in management roles and 13% of women on boards. Coal has 14% of women in management and 9% women on boards.

In terms of how many women are employed in these 14 industries with 31% being the highest, coal has 16% and Metals & Mining 15% with Construction Materials coming last with 14%.