Resa Furey – “The mining industry – and the business world in general – desperately need the benefits of having more diversity on boards…. It’s high time for companies to benefit from the ideas that women and diverse populations bring, and for corporations to look more like the rest of society.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Resa Furey Resa Furey is a market analyst and marketing director with over 20 years of global industry experience in providing solutions that create sustainable returns and a competitive advantage for companies in the resource sector. She has led market studies and an initiative to benchmark the global state of […]

Joalet Steenkamp wins 2017 TMS Best Pyrometallurgy Paper Award

Originally published by TMS – March 2017. Congratulations to Joalet Steenkamp of Mintek, South Africa, and her coauthors, Derek Hayman and Jacobus Sutherland, for winning the TMS Best Pyrometallurgy Paper Award for 2017, to be awarded in San Diego next week. Says Joalet: “I fell in love with pyrometallurgy at the tender age of 17, […]

Women in Safety

Originally published in Safety + Health Magazine – September 2016. A woman can be a rare face in safety, particularly in leadership roles. When Safety+Health conducts its annual surveys of safety professionals, women consistently make up less than 30 percent of respondents. S+H spoke with five female safety pros about challenges they’ve faced, obstacles they’ve […]

Nevada’s Mining Industry Looks To Boost Female Ranks

From geologists to truck drivers, women have been working jobs in the mining industry for much of the last half century. Yet for all their progress, women are still largely under-represented in the industry, prompting some trade groups to take a closer look at gender disparity. Reno Public Radio’s Julia Ritchey brings us the first […]

Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West

Though mining is an infamously masculine industry, women make up 20 percent of all production crews in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin—the largest coal-producing region in the United States.  How do these women fit into a working culture supposedly hostile to females?  This is what anthropologist Jessica Smith Rolston, herself a onetime mine worker and the […]

WIM California Chapter is offering 5 scholarships for 2014. Each scholarship is $2,000.

Women in Mining, California Chapter, seeks scholarship candidates who possess a commitment to obtain an education leading to a degree through a course of study related to mining, geology, engineering or environmental studies. Applicants must be at least a senior in high school or currently enrolled full time in college. Applicant must currently maintain a […]

2020 Women on Boards Congratulates 491 Companies for Board Diversity

How interesting! See below, I wonder how effective this is (Obviously this relates to the USA only) Mining companies receiving a certificate are: Alcoa, Cliffs Natural Resoures, Schnitzer Steel Industries (metal recycling), Kaiser Aluminium Corporation and Newmont. Boston, MA, February 13 Four hundred and ninety-one CEOs will receive 2020 Women on Boards’ Winning “W” Certificates […]

Jessica Elzea Kogel: Q&A

With 25 years in the mining industry, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) president Jessica, Elzea Kogel, recalls being one of just a few women in senior management and in a technical role in her company. CIM eReporter caught up with Kogel prior to the Women in Mining forum to discuss her thoughts on diversity; […]

Emily Hahn, Female Mining Engineering Student – 1924

Hahn was born in St. Louis and lived there until her family moved to Chicago during her high school years. Emily Hahn never intended to pursue a degree in mining engineering. As a 17-year-old freshman in the College of Letters and Science in 1922, she simply wanted to take a chemistry course offered only to […]

The Hidden Brain Drain

The Guardian, Monday 4 June 2007 Five years ago, Sylvia Ann Hewlett terrified women with her book Baby Hunger, a warning against leaving motherhood till too late. Now she’s back with another shocking message: employers are writing off women once they’ve had children. And we’re all losing out, she tells Emily Wilson. Sylvia Ann Hewlett first […]

Maternal Profiling

04/09/2008 By Viv Groskop, The Guardian Mothers need not apply In most US states, employers can ask at interview if a woman has kids – and discriminate accordingly. Maternal profiling, as it’s known, is illegal here, but, as Viv Groskop reports, in reality it is flourishing. The unlikely new face of radical women’s activism in […]

Tami Nelson sees further upside for Cat Underground

11 December 2008 By Emily Roberts, HighGrade BUSINESS is booming for Caterpillar Underground Mining. And the woman in charge of maintaining that growth, and the well-known brand’s penetration into world markets, Tami Nelson, sees significant opportunities for further improvement. “Underground mining is a very important part of our business,” American-born Nelson told HighGrade. “We are […]