Making A Maternity Shirt For Women In Mining Earned Kym Clark A Hall Of Fame Spot

Posted: 09/03/2016 Kym Clark had always wanted to be involved in the fashion industry — but starting her own small business making high-visibility workwear for women who work in mining, transport and construction was a left-field move. Several years ago while working as a management accountant for mining conglomerate Anglo America in Brisbane, Clark watched […]

How it feels to be a Women in Mining in Australia

Women are roughly 50% of the population; yet, they are still considered a ‘minority group’. Women receive this infamous title not because they are outnumbered, but because they tend to have less power and privilege than their male counterparts.

Australian Mining Prospect Awards Winner: Mining's Woman of the Year – Kym Clark of She's Empowered

By Vicky Validakis, 12 November 2014 Whilst working as an accountant for BHP, 28-year-old Kym Clark saw there was a gap in the market for women’s workwear and set about ensuring women could be comfortable in PPE. The line, called Kym by She’s Empowered, provides hi-vis everyday safety workwear and maternity uniforms for the growing […]