Can a mining law unlock the potential of women?

In April this year Adam Smith International (ASI) and International Women in Mining (IWiM) spoke with over 40 people working in the mining sector to understand whether introducing a specific gender focused law could increase the participation and empowerment of women. This in-depth research focused specifically on Malawi and Sierra Leone while also drawing out […]

Interview with Josephine Muruwesi Geologist and Managing Director of Malawian Company Akatswiri Mineral Resources

18 March 2016 · by Rachel Etter-Phoya · in Akatswiri Mineral Resources Josephine Muruwesi, Geologist & MD of Akatswiri Mineral Resources This week, Malawian geologist Josephine Muruwesi shared some of her experiences with Mining in Malawi. Josephine is Managing Director of Malawian company Akatswiri Mineral Resources and one of the few women work in Malawi’s mining sector. […]