Launch of WIM Mexico

WIM Mexico launched last October, a great way to officialise all the good work done on the ground for two years preceding the launch! La nueva era de las mujeres en la minería, Mujeres WIM México. Women in Mining llega a nuestro país, a través de Mujeres WIM México, una organización no gubernamental que nace […]

Euridice González – “The most important thing is to recognise when you don’t know how to do something and to want to learn”

Mexican Euridice Salome González Robles is helping shape change in her country’s mining sector and is keen to get women’s voices heard and included in the debate. For her, women complement men’s activities in the workplace. With women on board, there’s not just 50% of possibilities because it’s only the men’s perspective — the world […]

Women in Mining news from Latin America

Launch of WIM Mexico Women in Mining Mexico was officially launched in the presence of women from a high number of mining companies as well as government officials in mid June. Press coverage. You can find them on LinkedIn under WIM Mexico. For any WIM Mexico group enquiries contact Euridice Gonzalez, email, +52 6731 068 605 […]

What a day at work is like for the Women who work in Mexico’s mines

VICE NEWS, Maria Elena Ramos, 3 May 2014 María de Jesús enters the dark and air-conditioned mine. She will descend to almost a mile below the surface steering “the bull” — a 38-ton mining trolley — with skill and precision. The downwards path is not clear. Women, men, and vehicles move about this subterranean world, […]