IWiM engages with stakeholders throughout the mining value chain including companies, policy makers, civil society organisations, governments, and women in mining organisations. Our work is guided by our values of respect and inclusivity; collaboration and integrity; accountability and effectiveness. Find out more about us.

We have recently published our Impact Report spanning September 2021 to October 2023. You can access it here

Industry Change Agent

Strive towards more representation and retention of women at all levels which will ultimately lead to a more successful industry

WIM Champion

Strengthening local women in mining (WIM) organisations for them to achieve their goals and celebrate contributions of individual women

Diversity Trend Setter

Improved data and knowledge will enhance decision-making towards a more inclusive sector

Get ready to celebrate IDWIM 2024 again this year under the theme “I Am Mining and I Belong”


International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) is an annual global campaign that honours the achievements of all who identify as women and the advancement of inclusion in mining. It represents our continuous commitment to working collaboratively for gender equity in the sector.

Even though this year’s day of observance June 15 lands on a Saturday, the festivities won’t stop! Join us on our social media platforms as we continue to celebrate IDWIM 2024, showcasing the vibrant celebrations taking place worldwide.

We welcome you to join us for our dedicated IDWIM 2024 2-hour online event to be held on Tuesday, 18 June 2024.

Please see the time and date in your location here.



Whether you join our virtual gathering or participate in other ways, share your celebrations and let’s amplify the voices of women in mining together! Be sure to include IDWIM 2024 logos and materials which you can find here.

IWiM in Numbers
17 years experience with WIM organisations in development, advocacy and coordination
Relationships with 70+ WIM organisations worldwide
Coordination with 30+ corporate partners and project sponsors
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Community of 18,000+ followers in 125 countries
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