International Women in Mining

IWiM leads global change for social sustainability in the extractives and resources sector

IWiM is a global not-for-profit organisation focused on gender equity. IWiM engages with stakeholders throughout the mining value chain including companies, policy makers, civil society organisations, governments, and women in mining organisations. Our work is guided by our values are respect and inclusivity; accountability and effectiveness; collaboration and integrity.

Industry Change Agent

Representation of women at all levels will ultimately lead to a more successful industry

WIM Champion

Strengthening local women in mining (WIM) organisations for them to their achieve their goals

Diversity Trend Setter

Improved data and knowledge will enhance decision-making towards a more inclusive sector

IWiM in Numbers
15 years experience with WIM organisations in development, advocacy and coordination
Relationships with 70+ WIM organisations worldwide
Coordination with 30+ corporate partners and project sponsors
12,000+ MEMBERS
Community of 12,000+ members and followers across social media
Global and diverse team of 20+ volunteers and executives, across all functions of mining