Wednesday 20 August 2014 "Workers World" weekly labour show on SAFM about women miners

Published: 19/08/2014

Workers’ World Media Productions produces a weekly labour radio slot “Workers on Wednesday” as part of “Morning Talk” on SAFM 105.1 and produces radio slots for over 50 community radio stations in five languages across the country. They also produce a weekly television labour show for broadcast on CTV and channel 263 on DSTV. Workers’ on Wednesday is co-produced with Workers’ World Media Productions.

The show takes the form of a panel discussion wherein participants from labour (NGO’s, CBO’s & LSO’s) business and government  give their various opinions on topics relevant to the labour movement and working class.

This week’s show tomorrow Wednesday 20 August 2014 at 10h00 until 11h00 will focus on Women mine workers – Any safety and Security at Work?”

The crisis of violence and abuse against women in South Africa is not confined to our homes and communities but has also extended to the workplace. This means that black working class

Key issues/questions that will be discussed with guests:
• How widespread is the problem of abuse and violence against women in our society and also specifically at the workplace?
• Why is it that trade unions in the mining industry like the NUM and AMCU and their federations, Nactu and Cosatu appear not to be doing anything regarding the Pinky Mosiane case and the safety of female mine workers?
• Last year we had the STOP Violence against Women campaign with a special focus on the mining industry. What did the campaign achieve and where is it now?
• Recently, the annual mining legkotla took place in Midrand. Was this issue of the safety of female mine workers on the agenda at all?
• What do you plan to do to increase the number of women in the mining industry and ensure that the workplace is suitably adapted to ensure their safety?