News from WiRV (Women in Mining and Resources Victoria) – joining WIMnet + name change

Published: 22/07/2015

WiRV is proud to announce that they have formally become a subcommittee of the AusIMM (Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy) Women in Mining Network (WIMnet) and are now referred to as: “Women in Mining and Resources (WiRV) – a subcommittee of the AusIMM Women in Mining Network” and are also referred to as “WIMnet Victoria.”

They also proudly broke 500 members last month representing over 80 companies with connections to energy (both renewable and non-renewable), minerals, agriculture and natural resource management.

The group supports women who work in water, energy, minerals, mining and natural resource management through influence and advocacy, professional development, access to mentoring relationships and networking. WiRV works alongside The AusIMM Women in Mining Network (WIMnet) representing the interests of women in resources today and working to shape the industry of tomorrow.