Most Executives are not Concerned by Number of Women in C-Suite (Canada)

Published: 29/12/2013

According to this article that was published on the 16th of December in The Globe and Mail (Canada) there is still lots of work to be done for mentalities to change… Confirming what we already know and deal with on a daily basis. I am always astonished by the vehement resistence to change and the constant sentence “there aren’t enough senior/right/experienced/prepared, etc. women to serve on boards” which is starting not only to grate but comes across as a lame excuse.

At least the figures seem to be showing that a proportion is on board and wants change, which is positive.

“Most Canadian executives aren’t worried about the proportion of women on corporate boards and in executive ranks in Canada, despite the fact that many companies do not have even a single female director.

The latest C-Suite Survey of business executives also shows that while there is scant representation of women at the top of Canadian companies, there is strong opposition to any kind of regulation that would force change.”

You can read the whole article here.