Lecture focuses on women working in trade industries

Published: 20/04/2015

Upper Michigans Source.com by Aleah Hordges Posted: 04.14.2015

HOUGHTON — Students and teachers at Michigan Tech got a better perspective on women working in certain trade industries.

Monday’s topic focused on women in the mining and engineering industry. The presentation highlighted what it takes to be a miner and what qualities make a successful engineer. Ways to increase the number of women in those industries was also discussed.

“In Wyoming, women comprise about a quarter of all the production crews out in the mines, even though the national average is between five and six percent, and women make about half of all the engineering offices,” said seminar speaker Jessica Rolston. “We’re trying to increase the number of women who are involved in engineering. I think the lesson from Wyoming is that you have to change what it means to be a good engineer, in a way that’s more inclusive of women.”

The seminar opened a healthy debate, not just for women, but for men in the industry as well.

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