Inspirational Women from Nevada Part 5

Published: 30/07/2014

The Women of Newmont Mining Corporation Relish in Challenges Faced and Opportunities Provided by Careers in Nevada Mining

As we already know, mining has grown significantly over the years into an industry that is known for providing opportunities for its employees. The ongoing education and opportunities obtained by working in the industry has allowed employees such as Newmont Mining Corporation’s Shevon Stumpf, Pam Myrick and Toni Scott, the ability to apply their skills to a variety of roles in mining.

Whether a veteran of the industry or just getting their feet wet, miners’ jobs are constantly challenging them to grow into more developed individuals both professionally and socially. Scott, who has worked with Newmont for nearly eight years, says she enjoys her work in the underground mazes of the Leeville site. With 20 years of working in the mining industry, Myrick has experience working with uranium, copper and gold. Myrick has spent her time the past nine years working for Newmont and tells us, “I enjoy the challenge, diversity and working with the old and young miners.”

Stumpf works as welder for Newmont and enjoys the sense of accomplishment she gets from her work in mining. She says, “I chose welding as a job because I like working in maintenance. I enjoy welding because it’s a job where you can stand back and take pride in what you’ve just finished.”

All three of these women have found long-term success in the mining industry by embracing the diversity both of their positions and of their various coworkers.

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Published on Nevada Mining Association’s blog on 10 July 2014

In an industry as diverse as mining, it is no surprise that we have been introduced to people with different backgrounds, different jobs and even different futures through our “Meet Your Miners” series. There are those who have always wanted to work in mining; there are others who simply found it a good fit. Rochelle Smith of Florida Canyon Mine found mining to be the fit she needed, and we invite you to read her story and meet another great Nevada miner.

Smith has been working in the industry for more than 10 years now. Through a series of steps that led her here, she has become something of a renaissance woman. She began her career in the mining industry with placement by S.O.S. Staffing as a laborer for American Asphalt at Gold Canyon Mine in Elko, Nevada. In her time with American Asphalt she learned to run various types of equipment.

She then worked for Robison Mine in Ely, Nevada as a mill maintenance mechanic on the survey crew as well as putting in time in the office, completing work orders. After arriving at Florida Canyon Mine, she found her true calling driving a haul truck.

“I really enjoy running equipment, getting my hands dirty,” said Smith. “But I think what I like most about anything I do is being able to see the end result, knowing I had a hand in completing the project.”

Smith noted that safety is always priority number one in whatever she does. Whether running a haul truck, loader or other piece of heavy machinery, her number one priority is always donning necessary personal protective equipment required of each task. But it isn’t an all-work-and-no-play scenario for Smith.

“I am fortunate to have a great group of people to work with,” said Smith. “They make the job fun and exciting. Without others to work with, it’s easy to fall into a routine – there’s no room for that in mining. You always have to be on your toes. Having people I enjoy working with keeps me entertained and consequently safe.”

Beyond the enjoyment Smith gets from her coworkers, she likes others to know that she is dependable. Her ability to pay attention not only to her own safety, but also the safety of others while on the mine site, is paramount. She is thankful for what she has been able to accomplish because of the opportunities given to her by mining, on-the-job training being one of them.

“It has given me the opportunity to explore so many different aspects of mining, including working in the mill, running a dozer, operating a loader, working on the leach pad and, of course, driving a truck!”

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