Indigenous woman becomes Fortescue’s CEO for a day

Published: 06/08/2016

Careen Lee

Careen Lee was selected as Fortescue’s CEO for a day, experiencing how the business operates from the highest level.

After graduating from Fortescue’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC), she became an operator at Cloudbreak before progressing to a surface miner operator. Her role, including her promotion to Specialist Operator and current position as supervisor of surface mining, were all firsts for Aboriginal women in the company.

Lee said she was grateful for the opportunities and ongoing support she has received during her tenure at FMG.

“Being Aboriginal is what inspired me to want to become a leader, as I wanted to be someone who others, especially our mob, looked at and realised that if I could get there, they could as well,” she said.

The CEO for a Day initiative recognises high performing team members and their efforts to strengthen their career opportunities, and allows the selected employee to experience the responsibilities required in the role.

Fortescue CEO Nev Power said the company has a target of having 20 per cent Aboriginal employment by 2020, adding, “We are also doing everything we can to support the next generation of our Aboriginal leaders.”

“Careen’s determination and enthusiasm to take every opportunity with both hands makes her a great role model for her family and community, and an inspiration to her colleagues.”