Female Talent Engagement Survey Results

Published: 29/07/2015

In late 2014, IWiMC released its first Female Talent Engagement Survey. The responses allow us to gain some insight into what influences industry employers and draw comparisons with what drives the career decisions of women in mining. A total of 31 responses were received from mining companies globally and a total of 263 responses were received from IWiMC members from all over the world.

Here are the final results (click on each image to go to the interactive version for more detail):


Note: The results reported can only be considered the opinions of the survey participants. They cannot be generalized to represent the entire population as a whole.

-Holstein W. and Melanie S., IWiMC Media Team


Original brief from Barbara Dischinger, Founder of IWiMC:

“The survey was about job satisfaction and job retention….we asked the companies if they were recruiting now or within a year’s time to try and mirror or analyse if the reality corresponds with [our members’ outlook] and to check if our members are facing redundancy and are ready to leave mining to stay afloat… 
We wanted to start going to the mining companies with relevant data so we want to relay a snapshot of the industry mood in Q1 of 2015…
So it isn’t just about going back to our members with data…but also to have something relevant to go back to the mining companies with that we tried to engage with.”