WIM now in 30 countries, over 65 women in mining chapters

Published: 28/06/2014

The women in mining “movement” is spreading daily, there are now women in mining groups/chapters/associations in around 30 countries.

Updated global list of WIM groups

These are the ones I am aware of, there are more.I am sure. I constantly make new discoveries and my aim is to engage with every single one.

One of our missions at International Women in Mining Community is to be there for women wishing to set up new women in mining groups. This goes from simple advice to turn-key consultancy. We have been active in this capacity since January 2012. (In this scenario women come to us)

I also suggest/ sow seeds in certain locations where I find a WIM group should exist and try to put a team together that could develop the idea locally. Examples are India and Brazil.

For any enquiries contact Barbara Dischinger, +44 7986 108 101 or barbara@womeninmining.net