Tips for networking & engaging with our large global IWiM community

Published: 11/07/2016
Dear IWiM Member

Our community has been steadily growing over the last few months to what is now more than 9,000 members. Welcome to all our new members!

We’re a big community, but active and satisfied members are strength. What can IWiM do for you? Let us know

Today we are contacting you to give you some suggestions on how to connect with other IWiM members.

A – A few tips for networking & engaging with our large global membership/community

1) If you travel frequently, why not check out our events calendar to see if there will be a local WIM event at your destination during your stay
Perhaps you may not want to have dinner alone on a business trip, or would like tips and advice prior to travelling from someone local – our members will help you!

2) You are looking for a new job? Why not contact members in the network to help you find your new challenge? Specifically ask them for what you are seeking – people will help you if they think they can.

3) #IWiMmeetups on Twitter & Facebook
We’re inviting the IWiM community to connect with other members attending various mining events/social gatherings: The aim of the hashtag is to bring awareness and join our members (who use social media) at mining meet ups that may be happening in their area.
We invite you to take a photo of the MeetUp and share it.
Our Twitter Handle is @IntWIMCommunity and FB page link

B – How to find/search IWiM members

1) On LinkedIn
At the top of any page, you will find a main search field in the middle. In small font just next to it you will find the word ‘advanced’. Click on it – a search form with many search fields opens up. Ensure that you tick the International Women in Mining group (under groups on your right), so you are only searching through members of this group. Now you can narrow your search further via the location field, industry, name, company, job title and/or key word.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see all the countries that have IWiM members. Have a little try today and satisfy your curiosity – we have members in over 80 countries.

2) On IWiM Website
If you are a fully registered member you can network directly with other IWiM members

C – Additional networking tip:

You can export your LinkedIn contacts into an Excel spreadsheet. Select ‘connections’ under ‘My Network’, then click on the settings wheel icon. On the next page, you will find a download button, to export your LinkedIn connections.

D – Adding your Events to our Events Calendar

If you are hosting an event that would be of interest to our members contact us to post it on our events calendar at

E – Speaking Opportunity

This is for a Ferroalloys conference in Chicago, USA in September 2016. We have openings on a panel centred around supply, or you could chair one of the several networking roundtables that are being planned.
If you’re in the US, have experience in the ferroalloys sector, and would like to kick-start or hone your public speaking skills contact us.

Also, The Mining Show in Dubai (October 2016) is looking for 6 women to join a panel on women in mining:
Women in mining panel: Driving for diversity – why women are the industry’s most underdeveloped resource
• Why breaking norms and progressing to accommodate women in industry is good for the miners bottom line
• Breaking the ‘high vis’ status quo, glass ceilings and flexibility constraints
• Empowering women to revitalise the current down cycle

We have established contact with many mining conference organisers and will regularly have opportunities for you to speak generally as experts in your field, on this occasion as a female professional in the sector.

Our objective is to improve the gender balance on conference speaker line ups in mining
If interested contact

Best regards
Barbara Dischinger
Director, International Women in Mining
+44 7986 108 101