Sharefair on Gender Equality in the Extractives Industry

Published: 18/02/2015

Dear Members,

UN Women, in partnership with The Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) in Kenya and several other partner agencies are planning for a Sharefair on Gender Equality in the Extractives Industry. The Sharefair will be held in Nairobi later this year (September has been proposed).  If you may be interested in participating in the Fair, IEA Kenya is putting together a mailing list and can provide you with more information going forward.  Could you please send your contact details (name, position, organization, country) to Ruth Kinyanjui at IEA Kenya, at:

The Sharefair will have a regional focus, however all women working in the extractives industry, whether in a professional capacity, or as an artisanal or small-scale miner, are warmly welcomed to attend the Fair and share their experiences.  The Sharefair aims to provide a platform for a multi-country experience and high-level dialogues with stakeholders in order to learn from each other’s experiences. The upshot of the Sharefair is to provide evidence-based and tested approaches to be adopted by policy makers to influence decision making processes that will address the social, economic and political barriers women face in extractives industry, so your participation could lead to real change.