Meet Birgit Rameseder

Published: 13/09/2014

Birgit Rameseder is currently working in a senior position for DeBeers in South Africa. The title of Technical Analyst DBGS (=DeBeers Global Services) isn’t glamorous and misleads you because she works for DeBeers’ Global Mining Division and looks strategically at assets and projects for the company. Previously she was Chief Geologist of De Beer’s Victor Mine in Canada.

She was interviewed by DeBeers for an internal publication in the summer and Anglo American published a condensed version of it this week.

This attention is well deserved. Birgit has achieved so much in her career and she still has a places to go. We wish her well and are sure that she will add value to the industry for many more years to come.

Link to the original De Beers article (long version) – which brings Birgit to life: so many interesting stories that we wish the article was longer. You sense her passion for life, her work and mining, a true role model!