Launching a new research study on women who work in resource industries and attitudes towards the environment

Published: 24/03/2015

Factive is seeking women who are currently working in resource industries to participate in a research project which aims to explore their attitudes towards the environment.

“Thanks to overwhelming support and a great response rate, we have already surpassed our target for number of respondents. The survey will however remain open until the end of the month. We look forward to sharing our findings once we have completed the analysis.” – Andrew, Head of Marketing at Factive

Women are often stereotypically assumed to have a natural connection to the environment (“mother earth”). This is linked to cultural beliefs about women as nurturers and carers, and the corresponding practices of women in male-dominated societies. But what do women who work in resource industries really think about the environment? Given the kind of work they do, do these women have attitudes towards the environment that are different to what we expect of women? Have they been influenced by ideas about the environment that have been introduced in feminist, ecofeminist, and environmental research? Are they more or less “green” than men?

Participants must identify as female and must currently be working in a resource industry.
All correspondence between Factive and the participants will be strictly confidential and anonymous.
Participants must commit to completing an initial online survey (approximately 10 minutes). Some participants may be asked to participate in an additional private 1-on-1 interview.

You can access the survey HERE.