January musings

Published: 17/01/2014

Continuing on the same vein as the last post and while we are still in January and reflecting on last year and the year ahead, I want to stop putting pressure on myself and only work on achievable goals, life should be a marathon and not a 200m hurdles race.

This seems to be a common mistake: unrealistic expectations. I like using humour to overcome anything so I suggest you read Belinda Parmaar “How (not)… to be a domestic goddess” columnn which was published on the 3rd of January in the Guardian’s Women in Leadership Series.

Humour aside Belinda Pamaar is behind an important campaign in the United Kingdom called Lady Geek which is about changing the way tech & gaming companies speak to women. 80% of all tech decisions are influenced by women yet only 3% of all advertising creative directors are women. Their objective is to bridge the gulf between the people who make and market technology products and the women who buy them. She also launched Little Miss Geek, an initiative to inspire girls to become tech pioneers.

Regardless of how accomplished we are we still have questions, things to learn and vulnerabilities to leave behind. In my mind that is what makes us so beautiful.