IWiM January 2014 Newsletter

Published: 30/01/2014

I hope this finds you well and full of positive energy for the year ahead.

I hope you liked the first international newsletter published in December and encourage you to speak up if what you would like to see is not currently represented. It is a new initiative and every input is welcome. I am working on some templates towards a “better looking” newsletter however for now I hope you can appreciate my priority on content over aesthetics.

The January newsletter is out! Read it here

I have a great action plan for the year ahead and I hope to achieve it with your help:

  • Keep informing you of all things women in mining, update the website & events calendar regularly and encourage you to visit the website
  • Convince you to participate more fully in discussions on our forum on LinkedIn which now has over 7200 members globally and is growing steadily.
  • Grow WIM in Latin America (Chile, Peru, Mexico), Africa and India and find partners locally to create WIM Colombia and WIM Brazil
  • Provide advice to new groups
  • Raise awareness for WIM Community Portal globally & get sponsorship

Contributions for the February newsletter need to be in by Wednesday 19th of February. 

Best wishes!