Engaging Men in the Conversation

Published: 15/11/2013

Male champions in the mining sector

We want to celebrate the men who are promoting women in mining and helping to narrow all the existing gaps. The current champions that have come to our attention are

Rob Doyle, Chief Financial Officer – Pan American Silver

Donald Lindsay, President – Teck Resources

Stuart Forrester, Narngulu Operations Manager – Iluka Resources

Mark Bevan, Superintendent Production – Rio Tinto Minerals

Craig McCabe, General Manager of the Curragh coal mine – Wesfarmers Curragh

Terry (My) Burgess, ex-CEO Oz Minerals

Richard Kostowski, Senior Training Advisor, Mount Isa Copper Operations (MICO) – Xstrata Copper

To nominate a male colleague to feature on this list contact Barbara at barbara@womeninmining.net

We are interested in “Engaging Men in the Conversation” because they are the key to change. Women have achieved loads in the past 100 years but the reality is that isn’t enough; only when men and women partner will there be a difference.

As Catalyst rightly says “Men have a critical role to play in creating inclusive workplaces. Yet too often men are an untapped resource in gender initiatives.” Catalyst research shows that the more men know about gender inequalities, the more likely they are to lead efforts to close the gender gap.

We would like to join in this dialogue and positive action. It is happening globally across sectors at all levels albeit slowly. Most importantly we wish to talk to men and engage them in the mining sector. We are open to participate in initiatives and have candid conversations.


Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) An online community created for men committed to making real chance in the workplace. Part of Catalyst.

The Good Men Project We had set out to start an international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. The Good Men Project was founded by Tom Matlack in 2009. The Good Men Project is a diverse community of 21st century thought leaders who are actively participating in a conversation about the way men’s roles are changing in modern life—and the way those changes affect everyone.

#LeanInTogether in Action – Children with involved fathers are happier, healthier, and more successful. Couples that share responsibilities have stronger marriages. Diverse teams and companies produce better results. Men, show the world you’re in for equality. Women, celebrate men leaning in.

Male Champions of Change – Established in April 2010 by Elizabeth Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner (Australia), the group comprises 21 CEOs, department heads and non-executive directors from across business and federal government. In a report launched on 6 November 2014, the MCCs identify four key themes for leaders wanting to capitalise on gender diversity. Download the report here


Articles & Videos

* Noah Prince argues in his post, “Feminism, Because We All Benefit,” that feminism and gender equality are extremely important to men because they allow men to break out of restrictive male gender roles and facilitate better leadership development.

* According to Mark Shopiro, gender equality doesn’t just benefit us all; unequal workplaces are bad for business. You can read more about why he thinks gender equality is a serious business issue in “A Winning Formula for Gender Equality.”

* Not only is gender equality good for everyone, but it needs everyone too. Conrad Liveris convincingly argues in in “Mind the Gap” that solving the gender gap in our workplaces requires young men’s involvement.

* 5 Practical Things Men Can Do For Gender Equality At Work, Fast Company, 21 Oct 2014

7 Things Men Should Do At Work To Help Women Get EvenBusiness Insider, 29 April 2014

Here’s Why Banning The Word ‘Bossy’ Is Great For Women
Campaign that was launched this month by Rachel Thomas, President of LeanIn.org and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Done in partnership with the Girl Scouts, the campaign aims to raise awareness around how gendered language holds girls and women back from pursuing leadership roles.

“What About the Men? They Need Life Outside of Work, Too”, Huffington Post, April 2014

* 5 Minutes with a Skeptic, by Anthony Mitchell

* Reflecting on “perspective talking” Noah Prince acknowledges that in order for skeptics to drop their guard, they need validation for who they are. Active listening and open-ended questions are key. “Can you tell me more about your perspective? …I am interested in learning more about why you think and feel this way on this issue.”
Seeking Perspectives, by Noah Prince

* Each of us has defining moments that shape who we are as leaders. As an executive in the research and engineering field at a 2014 Catalyst Award company, Pete shares his “a-ha” moment in realizing the importance of advocating for equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace, specifically within the STEM (science, technology, education, and math) field. “It simply is a business and leadership imperative that we recruit, develop, and advance from our entire population.”
Don’t Just Sit There – Advocate!, by Pete Dulcamara

* Sponsor A Woman: Four Steps To Get Started, Jan 2014
Author and leadership expert Ida Abbott’s latest book, Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know, is the first book written expressly for men about the dynamics of sponsorship. In today’s guest-post, Abbott explains how sponsorship differs from mentorship and offers four critical tips towards jumpstarting this unique, but powerful relationship.

Men as Allies, Jan 2014

* 2013_AHRC_MCC_accelerating_advancement_women, Male Champions of Change, Nov 2013

* Men Who Get It: Have You Checked Your Blind Spots?
November 15, 2013 — What’s the biggest obstacle working women face, according to Alistair Fraser, Vice President, Health, Shell International Ltd? “I could say the biggest obstacle to women’s advancement in the workplace is men, but that’s being a little bit simplistic, even for a man…”

* Webinar: So you think you are tough – Getting serious about gender in mining
Rewatch this seminar by Dr Dean Laplonge, a leading researcher in the field of masculinity studies in the resources sector, and learn why gender in mining goes beyond simply hiring more women. Feb 2013

* Catalyst’s report from July 2012, Calling All White Men: Can Training Help Create Inclusive Workplaces?

Actions Men Can Take to Create an Inclusive Workplace, Catalyst, 2010

John  Katz TED Talk – Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called “women’s issues.” But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men’s issues — and shows how these violent behaviors are tied to definitions of manhood. A clarion call for us all — women and men — to call out unacceptable behavior and be leaders of change. Jackson Katz asks a very important question that gets at the root of why sexual abuse, rape and domestic abuse remain a problem: What’s going on with men? We publish this because as in the words by Rebecca Eisenber this is “A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? It’s Pretty Fantastic.”

* Watch Anthony Mitchell, Catalyst’s Senior Membership Manager, Atlanta, explain why he’s passionate about gender diversity.

* Watch millennial Bryant Daley, a Budget Analyst at Forest Laboratories, Inc., tell how men who “get it” can help break barriers for women.

* Watch Joan Buccigrossi, Director of Global Inclusion & Engagement, Rockwell Automation, discuss the importance of dialogue in creating organizations where diverse talent thrives.

Watch Lee Tschanz, Vice President, North American Sales, Rockwell Automation, discuss the company’s culture change.

Watch the video introduction to Catalyst’s new report, Anatomy of Change: How Inclusive Cultures Evolve, and read more about the study.