Employer ownership: developing women engineers (UK)

Published: 23/08/2014

Guidance for companies employing women in engineering occupations who wish to apply for government support for training.


This is the second of 3 planned funding calls to develop and increase the stock of engineers. This call is specifically designed to support those employers who are willing to help more women to progress as engineers and the focus of the fund is to support:

  • conversion training, to encourage employers to bring more women into engineering
  • progression training, to encourage employers to invest in the progression of women through an engineering career

Applications for funding can be submitted up to 5 December 2014. If you wish to submit an application you will need to first register on BIS’s e-Tendering Portal. When you have registered you will be given access to the application form. Please read the guidance for applicants before completing the application.

Full details are set out in the guidance for applicants.

The first call ‘Employer ownership: improving engineering careers’ was published on 19 June 2014.