Impactful Women – New Report on WIM Organisations

Published: 08/03/2022

On 9 March 2022 we celebrate the work of women in mining organisations. In this occasion to launch the ‘Impactful Women: Examining Opportunities and Constraints for Women in Mining Organizations Worldwide’ report, a partnership between The World Bank and IWiM – International Women in Mining in 2021.

At IWiM, we celebrate the diversity of over 100 WIM organisations globally and support many on their growth path. Through the International WIM Alliance, a multilateral collaboration platform for WIM organisations, IWiM is working towards developing a united WIM voice. WIM organisations play an important role everywhere. the role of the Alliance is to support this work but also to channel this strength collectively to achieve more together. It is important that voices of women are heard individually and collectively via civil society organisations to ensure good governance and sustainability in the mining sector.

Click here to read the report:

Recording of launch event panel of 09/03/2022