This report details findings on the prevalence and nature of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in mining communities in South Gobi,Mongolia. Mongolia is undergoing a widespread and rapid minerals boom that is changing the social and cultural landscape of the nation. This is most obvious in communities that reside in close proximity to large-scale mine operations. Evidence suggests that women often withstand the worst of the negative social impacts from mining. The increase in Gender Based Violence (GBV) is an example of this. The purpose of this research was to improve understanding of the extent to which GBV is experienced in mining communities communities in Mongolia. This report examines whether the proximity of mine camp locations (and other associated infrastructure) to population centres increases the likelihood of GBV being experienced in the community. The project was undertaken in three stages to: 1. Maximise access to often-sensitive information 2. Increase the uptake of recommendations 3. Promote understanding of GBV issues more broadly