• Report year:2023
  • Report author: Joy Ohm, Sheila Brassel, Britney Jacobs, Emily Shaffer,
  • Organisation: Catalyst
Catalyst surveyed over 5,000 employees from marginalized racial and ethnic groups in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Two-thirds of these employees reported experiencing racism during their career, and half have experienced racism in their current job. These employees told us about all the insidious ways they experience racism at work, which can come from any and every direction—from superiors, colleagues, and customers; from women and men; from White people and people from marginalized racial and ethnic groups. It can take the
form of being passed over for a promotion, being paid less, and being excluded from advancement opportunities. Racism at work also means being targeted with slurs and stereotypes, as well as derisive comments about physical features, dress, and food.