The WIM Community Spirit is Alive & Well!!

Published: 28/10/2015

I feel energised today, I feel blessed to be part of a community where people come together to give back & contribute to making a difference to ultimately make mining a better place for many generations to come!

We sent out a mailing to our members yesterday mentioning the opportunities and roles we have available for volunteers and got 20 responses back already. People with amazing backgrounds and skills. We are in the midst of contacting everyone and it is amazing to get to know new people and welcome new members into our growing family of volunteers. This is a very exciting time for International Women in Mining with an upcoming launch of a new website and new projects. We will announce the new teams in due course.

Everyone is able to donate as little or as much time as they have available and we are grateful. With more people we will be able to advance more projects and add more value.

Thank you so much!

Link to our opportunities