Esme’s Women in Mining presentation

Published: 23/12/2014

We share today Esme Tristram’s presentation on Women in Mining. Esme is Project Geologist with Anglo American and working in Santiago, Chile

Esme says “I’ve worked with several women who claim to have “suffered no ill effects” from sexism. It is frustrating as not only do they perpetuate the myth that sexism is a thing of the past to men who look to justify their own view point and privilege, who then do not actively try to improve or change their conscious and unconscious behaviour, but it is also demoralising for other women who are genuinely suffering or not advancing as they might if they were a man.
Starting work in patriarchal Chile in 2006 as a geologist came as a great shock to me where sexism and objectification of women is pretty extreme at times, although slowly improving. So over the years from reading around the subject and my own experience I put together the following presentation which I hand out to anyone interested or who might benefit. The idea of the presentation was to provide specific solutions to potential issues surrounding employment of women.”

The presentation looks at female employment factors and potential issues within the mining industry. It details why there are problems and differences to be considered, compared to the traditional male archetype, and what can be done to improve aspects of female employment by mining companies.

It is applicable to other industries outside of the mining sector.

Link to the presentation