Zooming in on Australia’s corporate diversity

Published: 08/02/2015

The latest statistics from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency in Australia are out. It lists 767 mining companies listed (it counts business units/mine sites so there are 48 listings just for BHP). Have a look at those companies and detailed reports for each here


– Women represent 45% or the total workforce but only 26% of key management.
– One third of organisations have no women in key management or executive levels.
– Less than 9% of organisations have a plan to lift representation of women on their board.
– The gender pay gap is just under 20% but only 1 in 4 organisations have conducted a pay equity analysis.

Mining has 190,171 employees within 162 organisations (organisations with 100 or more employees that reported to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency for the 2013-14 reporting period). 15.7% of employees are female.There is a 17.2% gender pay gap for full-time employees.

Download data as XLS file

Diversity Network is an organisation that works towards changing statistics like this.

The Diversity Network was established by two experienced engineers to radically shift the way employers link with smart, talented and hard-working women. We specialise in professional and leadership education and working with employers who value the strengths of a diverse workforce.