Status Assessment of Women Working in Mining

Published: 10/07/2018

Invitation to participate in a survey

If you’re a woman working in the core business of a mining organization, you can assist Dr. Doret Botha at the North-West University, School for Social Sciences, with her research on assessing the status of women working in mining by answering some questions on her survey.

Dear Prospective Participant,

My name is Doret Botha and I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North West University, South Africa. I conduct research on relevant and burning gender issues in the South African mining sector. I am currently busy with data gathering to assess the status of women in mining on a global level.

The results of the research will be used to develop a standardised measuring instrument that can be used by various role players in the mining industry on a global level to assess the status of women in mining. The results of this study may assist governments, mining houses and organisations to make informed decisions on policies, procedures, strategies and plans to successfully and sustainably accommodate women in the mining industry.

Hereby, I invite you to participate in an online survey, should you meet the following requirement: If you are a woman working in the core business of a mining organisation at a mine site you are eligible to participate in the study.

If you choose to participate in this survey, it will take up no more than 30-40 minutes of your time.

Please note that the survey is developed to be anonymous and I as researcher will have no way of connecting the information you provide to you personally, or to your organisation. By completing this survey, you agree that the information you provide may be used for research purposes. You are, however, under no obligation to complete the survey and can withdraw from the study prior to submitting the survey. You will not be able to withdraw from the study once you have clicked the send button based on the anonymous nature of the survey. Also note that you will not be reimbursed or receive any incentives for your participation in the survey. Results will be made available to the participant on request.

Approval to conduct the research has been obtained from the Faculty of Arts Ethics Committee, Faculty of Humanities, North-West University (Ethics number: NWU-00342-18-A7).

It would be greatly appreciated if you would forward this survey invitation to two (or more) contacts in your network that fulfill the criteria of this study. Thank you for taking the time to read this information and for considering participating in this study. Your time and inputs are most valued!

If you choose to participate, please read and follow the instructions provided:


  • Please complete only one questionnaire per person.
  • It is recommended that you complete the survey in one sitting.
  • To access the survey please use chrome or mozilla firefox.
  • Access the survey by clicking on this link.

Should you require any further information, want feedback on the study or need to contact the researcher about any aspect of this study, please contact Dr. Doret Botha at:

Thank you in advance.

Dr. Doret Botha