Career Path Mapping

Published: 10/07/2018

We’re assisting Nicole Tardif and her colleagues at the Goodman School of Mines by asking you to answer some questions for their research. To participate in the survey go to this link. The text is in both English and French.

Goodman School of Mines – Career Path Mapping Survey

We believe that for a company to succeed they need highly-skilled employees at all levels in their operation who have a well-rounded knowledge of the mining industry along with well-rounded soft (human) skills. For professionals to succeed in their careers, they need to continue their training in order to gain the right combination of applicable skills, behaviors, and competencies. The Goodman School of Mines is aiming to develop an online self-assessment tool that will lead professionals to a customized program of on-going professional training modules. The Career Path Mapping Project will generate an individualized program containing online and hybrid courses that will guide mining professionals in making knowledgeable and quality technical, social, and commercial decisions.

The purpose of the survey is to determine the industry’s needs for specific skills, competencies and behaviours of highly qualified professionals in their field. We are asking successful professionals such as you to help us by providing information about your experience and knowledge based on your own career path. We will analyse the information collected to determine the training needs of professionals in your field, within various career paths and levels of experience.

Thank you in advance for your participation.