IWiM | Diversity Trend Setter


Demonstrating that diversity creates value

Having acknowledged that attracting and retaining talent is a priority for mining, yet women remain under-represented, IWiM aims to lead a global change in attitudes and behaviour to achieve gender parity in mining.

In a context where such transformation is both necessary and complex, leaders in change demonstrate that it can be achieved and yields positive results for all stakeholders.

Positive impacts of sharing best practices are widely recognized. They include attracting more talent, navigating business changes more successfully and boosting employee performance in organisations and industries where a learning culture is prevalent.

Sharing best practices also plays an essential role in the generation of innovative ideas and solutions, participating in demonstrated performance and productivity increases for these organisations and industries.

IWiM acts for change by seeking to enable leaders and managers across the mining industry to make better-informed decisions on matters of diversity, gender parity and inclusion: relying on successful examples allows better and faster decision making by leveraging established know-how.

This allows them to cut the cost and complexity of trial and error processes, accelerate results; it also challenges the status quo and increases expectations of all industry actors to embrace and realise this potential.