International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme (IWRMP)

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IWRMP is a global cross-company mentoring programme for women in mining developed and run by IWiM

This ground-breaking programme is empowering women working in the resources sector across all functions and continents.

IWRMP provides participants with a much sought-after opportunity to connect with successful senior members of the industry as mentors, who are in a position to empower and promote them from a professional and personal development perspective.

By boosting their vision, confidence and outlook, IWRMP supports participants’ careers and their capacity to positively influence the mining sector. This will help develop a pipeline of future leaders in the industry and promote a more inclusive and diverse industry.

IWRMP also engages with globally recognised industry sponsors to contribute to a mentoring programme that aligns with their values in diversity and inclusion.


* Launched 2018, annual programme

* Open to all women in mining regardless of location; minimum 5 years experience required

* In collaboration with Metisphere 

IWRMP 2021

Applications & Brochure

Applications are open for IWRMP 2021 and the programme will run from April to October 2021.

Applications close on the 31st of January 2021.

IWRMP 2021 brochure



How it works

IWRMP provides a high-quality framework which facilitates the mentoring relationship and allows both mentee and mentor to benefit from the experience. The focus of mentorship is on setting career goals and plans and achieving them.

IWRMP strategically aligns mentors with mentees. It comes with a structured format which provides the highest level of support and regular engagement milestones throughout the programme.

IWRMP offers a tailored 3-hour training session and guidance to both mentors and mentees at the outset.

Each mentee is to have minimum 6 sessions with their mentor.

The programme also offers 4 monthly webinars to focus the mentees on additional leadership topics and global opportunities for participants to connect and network.

Because mentees and mentors often hail from different places, communities and disciplines, the relationships also serve to reduce cross-cultural barriers. IWRMP promoters ensure that women from all continents participate, including those from emerging markets.

Scholars – Eligibility

  • Women working in, with and around the mining sector and wishing to further their career, at all seniority levels and across all professions
  • 5 years experience in mining , 25 years of age and a university degree, technical college qualification or trade training
  • Based in emerging markets, without an industry sponsor and/or unable to self-fund their participation in IWRMP
  • Commitment to six-month programme including training, 6-9 sessions with mentor, preparation and follow-up, webinars and final evaluation

Scholarship Applications are open until January the 22nd 2021.

See instructions on how to apply in the  IWRMP 2021 Scholarship Application Brochure




  • 130 mentees to date including 44 scholars, increasing year on year to 53 mentees in 2020
  • Consistently excellent feedback from mentees and mentors in 2018 and 2019
  • Active alumni network and often lasting connections between mentees and mentors

Mentee Testimonials

“I am an experienced mentor, but realised I didn’t have a great set of career goals myself – so I signed up as a mentee to the international program. This program is equally beneficial and applicable in more senior careers as it is too early in a career. My mentor challenged my resolve on many topics and made me realise and address my own paradigms. As a result, I saw a much clearer set of goals as well as a path to achieve them. My mentor was a great match in personality as well as experience, and it was great to ask him how he stepped from each challenge to the next. As timing would have it, a great career opportunity came along towards the end of the program and I’m now starting my new job this week – exciting.”

“The mentorship programme has offered me the opportunity to make great career improvement decisions and set achievable goals. I have also established contact with a lot of women in mining. This experience is a lifetime asset. I am very grateful for the exposure. Thank you very much organisers for such an initiative.”

“I have had a great experience and I recommend this mentorship programme to many more women in the mining sector. It has made be very proactive, focused and since I learnt goal setting, I work with a target and it has been easier to achieve them.”

“A big part of this program’s success for me is just to have someone with no vested interests to talk things through with and bounce ideas off.”


Mentor Testimonials

 “I originally decided to volunteer as a mentor on the IWRMP as I have had great benefit in the past from mentors and wanted to return the favour. I have grown from the experience, and came to realise that it was not just giving-back but receiving in return.  Each discussion with my mentee made me also reflect on my own challenges, opportunities and responses. It was time well spent”

 “I have found the program to be very beneficial and very structured, which is something that has been lacking in other mentoring programs I’ve been a part of. I’ve really enjoyed my interactions with X and hope that she has found them as beneficial as I have”

 “I really enjoyed being part of this work and felt like I could share actionable ideas that my mentee adapted and used. I also took so much away from the discussion in understanding how a different company works, seeing my mentee develop thinking for herself and the perspective and challenges of a younger workforce. It also reinforced for me how much more work is needed in mining capability development”