Monthly recap on WIM groups initiatives around the world

Published: 18/08/2015


WiRV – Christmas in July – Another Success

Held on Friday July 24, the event was extremely well attended, with upwards of 100 men and women. All were inspired, challenged and entertained by two influential and passionate women in the mining industry – Candice Stanley and Julie Shuttleworth.

WinRSA – South Australia Women in Mining Awards


July update by Tabetha Stirret, WIM Canada’s President, on the initiatives they have been working on

West Africa

Official launch of WIMOWA: On the back of a recommandation by the WAEMU that all members states should have a common mining policy, it was also decided that each country should have a women in mining organisation. The first meeting of the 8 member  countries + Guinea took place in July 2014. Since they each incorporated a WIM group in their own countries and on the 22nd of July 2015 launched WIMOWA (Women in Mining West Africa), the regional network representing 9 countries; WIMOWA has an executive board composed of 13 members elected for a term of 3 years and is currently chaired by Aida Tamboura from Burkina Faso. Pauline Tahi is the representative of Cote d’Ivoire on the WIMOWA committee.


Celebrated official launch in the presence of the Minister of Mines on the 12th of August after a year of monthly meetings and a growing community of members. See blog post


WIM Mexico launched officially in mid June, read more


For the first time this group has been received by the President of Guyana, Urica explained to him the problems women in the mining industry are facing, such as men do not let them to work with them in the same mines, this is one of the reasons why they have bought land to be used by women only, I feel they are well organized and their project are on the go.