Chile aims to raise women working in mining to 10% by 2018

Published: 13/07/2014

Chile’s first gender in mining round table in the Antofagasta region, led by the Regional Ministerial Secretary and the National Office for Women announced end of June their objective to raise the percentage of women working in mining related jobs to 10%. Currently 7.4% of women work in mining in Chile. Present at the round table were: Amanda Pérez Ahumada, Regional Ministerial Secretary, Marianne San Francico Cerezo, Regional Director of Sernam (National Office for Women), Yolanda Pizarro, Head of Gender from the Ministry of Mines alongside representatives from mining associations, unions and mining companies (Mineras Esperanza, El Tesoro, BHP Billiton Pampa Norte, Codelco División Radomiro Tomic).

Link to the story in Spanish

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Whereas in neighbouring Peru, the objective is to reach 10-15% in the next few years. Link also in Spanish