Cate Sims set to inspire others through M&E NSW women in mining panel

Published: 30/08/2014

Hunter miner set to inspire others through M&E NSW women in mining panel (link to story online)

The Hunter’s own Cate Sims is one of three women who will take part in a special women in mining panel at the upcoming Mining and Engineering Exhibition NSW (M&E NSW) in Newcastle.

The panel, which will take place on Thursday, October 9 as part of the women in mining day, aims to highlight the important role women play in the NSW mining industry by hearing from the panel members about their experiences with the industry.

Cate Sims, the Aboriginal Relations Specialist and Coal & Allied Aboriginal Community Development Fund Executive Officer, is no stranger to such discussions, having participated in quite a few panels throughout her career.

For the past seven years Cate has pioneered Coal & Allied’s strong focus on Aboriginal community development – a unique and challenging role which ultimately led to her being crowned the Most Outstanding Woman at the 2014 NSW Women in Mining Awards.

Cate said the panel provides a platform to help inspire the audience to do something different in their career.

“Of all the women I have worked with, the common thread is a lack of confidence to express an idea – particularly if that idea is outside the scope of their role at work,” she said.

“Often they don’t know how to step outside that role, or step up. I am not a manager, but my role has afforded freedom, autonomy and responsibility and I want to show people that there is more than one pathway to breaking through the glass ceiling and having your work valued.”

Joining Cate on the panel is fellow women in mining award winner Abbey Sheridan, who was named this year’s Aspiring Star.

Abbey is a technical services vacation student who has undertaken work experience with various Glencore sites in the Hunter. She is currently in the final year of her engineering degree at the University of Wollongong.

Rounding out the panel is Kym Clark, CEO and founder of She’s Empowered. Kym has designed a collection of high vis clothing for women in mining including Australia’s first line of maternity work wear.

The panel discussion kicks off at 11am and will be facilitated by Lainie Anderson of Mining Family Matters.

Lainie, who has led the panels for three years, said it is one of the most engaging and inspiring initiatives on the program.

“These women are always passionate about their role in the mining industry. The panel is an inspirational, personal and interactive experience that the audience really gets a lot out of,” she said.

“This year’s speakers represent a diverse cross section of what it’s like to work in the industry and each have their own unique experiences and stories to share.”

Following the panel session there will be the opportunity to enjoy drinks and nibbles with the speakers. Bubbles and Boots is free for all those who attend the women in mining panel and kicks off at 12:15pm.

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