Anglo American’s most inspirational women in mining

Published: 21/01/2016

Anglo American Plc, 08 Jan 2016

Eight of our female colleagues at Anglo American feature in a list of 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining, compiled by Women in Mining (WIM UK). 

The list has been compiled as part of WIM UK’s drive to promote and highlight the contribution that women make to the mining industry.

Each of the women has been nominated by their peers for the difference that they have made – not just to the mining industry, but to those around them in the workplace and in the communities where they operate.

We’re proud to see so many of our colleagues included – and as a company that’s serious about ending male dominance in the mining industry, we are aiming to do even more to make sure that we give women opportunities to excel.

The eight colleagues who are highlighted in the list have explained what it is about the industry that attracted them, and what the key issues are for women in mining.

Talking about what drew her to mining, Anushika Bhana of Platinum Marketing described it as “a very tangible industry where one cause has a measurable effect, from what happens deep underground, coupled with the psychology of the markets, all contributing to the area that I am responsible for.”

For Exploration’s Froydis Cameron-Johansson mining is “fundamental for society to function.  I wanted to understand how the industry worked and I thought it was better to be ‘in’ the company if you wanted to make a difference, which was a big motivator.”

Claudia Diniz, of T&S, was first attracted to mining while doing her Masters’ degree, and was “fascinated by how we can transform ‘dust’ into metals – and make a difference in the economy of a country.”  Tracey Kerr, also of T&S, said that she was happy if she set an example and gave other young women confidence to pursue a career in the industry.

Lead Hydrologist Johanita Kotze explained that it was her interest in the natural world that inspired her.  “I joined the industry because of my passion for mountains, rocks and water – it all comes together in mining.”

Group Head of Open Pit Mining, Carmen Letton, defined a mining career as offering “innovative work, wonderful people and an abundance of exciting opportunities” while the big challenge for Vanessa Lickfold, Head of Early Studies, was to ‘improve the processes we use to sustainably extract the mineral resources we rely on for our existence.”

Jeannette McGill, Head of Technology and Innovation, said that it was not a question of gender.  While “mining is not for everyone, the sector now attracts like-minded and courageous individuals.”

Jennifer Wyllie of BMO Capital Markets, who helped to compile the list, said: “Today’s list of inspiring women in mining shows that real progress is being made.  There are now multiple role models who prove that women can and do succeed in building interesting and rewarding careers in mining.”

Read the full list of the 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining here.