Women in Mining Symposium in Papa New Guinea

Published: 11/08/2014

EMTV, Friday, 08 August 2014.

Gender equality remains one of the impediments of greater development in Papua New Guinea, according to an Australian researcher.
University of Queensland researcher, Julia Keenan said this during the two-day Women in Mining symposium held at the University of Papua New Guinea which ended today.
She said women folk have limited opportunities, and seem to be marginalized in their efforts to participate meaningfully in the overall activities around mining projects.
Her research team had conducted a case study of women’s participation in the Lihir mine recently, and spoke of the findings for the case study to the symposium participants, which ends today.
Ms Keenan was referring to a case study done recently by her team on Lihir Mine during the 2007 Integrated Benefits package.
She said that they found out that women were not substantively included in the negotiations process during that time, and this situation connects to the National issue of gender equality in Papua New Guinea.
She further stated that some of the women that were interviewed from Lihir said that the payments were going to men and youths who spent the money on drugs, alcohol and extramarital affairs, leaving the women missing out on benefits.
Dr Kirsty, who is one of the organizers of the two-day symposium, said the symposium has brought together people from the mining project, including women who will discuss how best they can participate meaningfully within mining projects in the country.
Mr Lombaia is also a Porgera mine landowner, and is more concerned about benefits from mining projects being paid mostly to male landowners, which are being misused.


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