Women In Energy

Published: 01/12/2016

Originally published by Catalyst.org – November 2016.


There Are Fewer Women in the Energy Industry Than in Tech1

Only 5% of executive board members are women at the top 200 power and utility companies.2

  • Women are 14% of senior management at the top 200 power and utility companies. 3
  • Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America have the most women executive directors.4
  • North America and Europe have the most women non-executive directors. 5


Women on Mining Boards Remain Underrepresented, But There Are Signs of Improvement6

Women make up 7.9% of board seats in the top 500 global mining companies surveyed (an increase of 3% over three years). 7

  • 94% of all board positions held by women in the top 100 listed mining companies were in non-executive roles in 2014 (compared to only 70% for men in the same timeframe and same companies). 8
  • In the top 500 mining companies, those with mixed-gender boards significantly outperformed in dividend yields those companies with all-male boards. 9
Retention of Women in Mining Is Difficult

One study reports that while 30% of graduate recruits are women, the proportion of those same recruits drops to 10% at mid-level management. 10
Although women executives are well represented across a range of roles including HR and finance, they are not well represented in operations—a role seen as a stepping-stone to board service.11


Women Continue to Be Underrepresented in the Australian Resources Industry

Women were 13.3% of the resources workforce in 2009 and 14.3% in 2015 (a 7.5% increase). 12
Women made up a small percentage of those employed in the following industries in 2016:13

  • Mining: 17.2%
  • Coal Mining: 13.0%
  • Oil and Gas Extraction: 22.8%
  • Metal Ore Mining: 19.3%

The mining industry has a gender wage gap.  Women have a base salary of $101,207 compared to men’s $119,731. And the total remuneration gap is even wider.14

Over half of mining companies (54.2%) have no women on the their boards. 15

  • 8.9% of the boards of mining companies have at least one-third women, and 4.2% have at least half women.16


The Mining and Mineral Industries Remain a Major Canadian Employer 17


Women are almost half the labor force in Canada, but were only 17% of the mining labor force in 2015.18

  • Women make up 22.9% of the labor force in utilities. 19
  • Women make up 19.4% of the labor force in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction.20
  • On a proportional basis, mining is the largest employer of Aboriginal peoples.21

Canadian mining employees have the highest wages of all industrial sectors in Canada, with an average annual salary of $100,000.22

The Mining Workplace Is a “Gendered” Culture23­

In one survey, women report the following barriers in the mining industry:24

  • Lack of networks
  • Harassment in the workplace

Work-life integration was also cited as a barrier for women, but within the mining sector, there is an increased understanding that men want better work-life as well.25

United States

In Energy Companies Women Make Up a Small Percentage of the C-Suite (24%)26
  • Women are 6% of CEOs in the top 1,000 energy companies.27
  • Women are 10% of CFOs in the top 1,000 energy companies.28
  • Women are 35% of CIOs in the top 1,000 energy companies.29
In 2015 Women and People of Color Remain Underrepresented in the Energy Industry30

% Women
% Black
% Hispanic
Oil and gas extraction 18.3% 3.5% 13.8%
Coal mining 5.2% 1.5% 0.8%
Support activities for mining 13.2% 6.1% 19.5%
Utilities 22.4% 8.5% 11.1%


In the oil and natural gas and petrochemical industry women make up 17% of the total employment(20% in the petrochemical compared to 14% in midstream). 32
Over the next 20 years Hispanic and African American workers are projected to account for almost 40% of all new job opportunities.33

Percentage of Employees in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industry Who Are Black, Hispanic, and/or Women (2015).34


Occupation %
General and Operations and Investment Managers 7% 2.3% 9.5%
Managers, All Others 18% 4.3% 10.2%
Petroleum Engineers 13% 4.4% 9.1%







The Solar Energy Industry Is a Major Source of New Jobs in the US Economy35

Women made up 23.9% of the solar workforce in 2015.36
Only 5.2% of the solar workforce in 2015 was black, while Latinas/Latinos made up 11.3%.37

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