The purpose of the International WIM Alliance is to facilitate contacts and coordination among WIM organisation leaders – whether their remit and scope is local (sometimes limited to a single company or operation), regional, national or continental.

Working Groups

WIM organisations selected four priority themes for collaboration in 2021, which were discussed in round tables during the inaugural Global WIM Summit in March 2021.

Thematic working groups were convened in July 2021.


STEM Women in Mining Working Group

Meeting Summary and 2021 work programme

Meets monthly every 1st Friday at 11am Brisbane

Coordinator: WIMARQ & WIM Argentina

WG1 STEM 03092021_Presentation WIiM Net

WG1 STEM 03092021_Presentation WIM Peru


Inclusive Workplace Design Working Group

Meeting Summary and 2021 work programme

Topic presentation discussed during the calls in Q4 2021

WG2-1: Meets monthly on 2nd Wednesday of the month at 07.30 UTC

Coordinator: WiR

2021-09-07 WG2-2 Inclusive Workplace Design Presentation

WG2-2: Meets monthly on 2nd Tuesday of the month at 16.00 UTC

Coordinator: WIM USA


Global Data Deficit Working Group

Meeting Summary and 2021 work programme

Work Allocation & Presentation

WG3-1: Meets monthly on 3rd Monday of the month at 07.30 UTC

Coordinator: WIMAR SG

WiM WG3 Data Deficit – Presentation 2021-09-13 (Topi Vaarala)

WG3-2: Meets monthly on 3rd Wednesday of the month at 16.00 UTC

Coordinator: WIM Senegal


Role Models and Mentors Working Group

Meeting summary and 2021 work programme

WG4-1: Meets monthly on 4th Tuesday of the month at 00.00 UTC

Coordinator: Mujeres WIM Mexico

WG4-2: Meets monthly on 4th Tuesday of the month at 14.00 UTC

Coordinator: WIM Peru


Governance Working Group

Coordinator: WIM Colombia


Global WIM Calls

The Global WIM Calls are a discussion forum focused on management, growth and perspectives of WIM organisations; Attendance is open to all WIM leaders.

14 September 2021 | 2-3pm BST

Advocacy Initiatives – Raising Awareness and Driving Change.
Although advocacy is at the heart of many WIM organisations’ purpose, devising and implementing campaigns or outreach projects can be challenging and requires clear goals, careful planning and strategic action to achieve the targeted outcomes and impact. We propose to discuss tips and experiences in advocacy, including how to define an initiative’s purpose, develop and deploy advocacy tools and demonstrate positive, long-lasting outcomes.
To start off the discussion, Ana Gabriela Juárez, Founder of WIM Central America, will share her experience with the recently-launched Central American Youth Mineralogical Club (Club Mineralógico Centroamericano Juvenil). This innovative educational initiative focuses on families with boys and girls between 8 and 13 years old who want to learn about rocks, minerals, fossils and geology; it aims to improve awareness of Earth Sciences’ practical applications, educate about the need for mineral products in everyday life and highlight career opportunities within the mining industry. Informing and engaging children can open new perspectives for their families and parents, improving perception of the mining sector which can be a challenge in both emerging and established markets.

21-09-14 PDF Ana Gabriela Juarez-WIM Central America Presentation


13 July 2021

Innovative Thinking – How to Change the Conversation.
More than ever, WIM organisations are finding innovative ways to come together and to advocate for gender equality in mining; we are remarkable agents of change in an industry undergoing profound transformation with ESG parameters redefining societal expectations, every aspect of operations and mining’s contribution to the great challenges and opportunities of our times. So how can we exercise leadership with creativity and an open mind, fostering open discussions and pushing ourselves, our organisations and our industry beyond the status quo?
We would like to hear from you and about your innovative approaches: how have you successfully created a space for constructive dialogue about change, overcome ideological or systemic barriers to seek new solutions and leveraged outcomes for lasting, impactful change in your organisation or country?
And if you are struggling with this, what gets in your way and how can the global community of WIM organisations inspire and support your drive for change?