Thiess Women in Resources National Awards (WIRNA) – Winners

Published: 04/09/2014

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Thiess Women in Resources National Awards (WIRNA) recognise and celebrate the contributions and achievements of women in the resources sector of Australia, with the aim to raise awareness of women in the industry and encourage more women to consider a career in the resources sector.
WIRNA builds on the state-based Resources Council awards that celebrate women, men and companies who make outstanding contributions to the industry.
The winners were recognised across five categories and were announced on September 2 at the Brisbane Convention Centre.
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First female asset president takes top national award

The first woman to be appointed as an asset president within BHP Billiton has won the inaugural Thiess Women in Resources National Awards (WIRNA).

Laura Tyler, Asset President for BHP Billiton’s Cannington Mine in North-West Queensland—the world’s largest silver and lead mine—introduced Cannington’s first diversity plan to improve the attraction and retention of women in the company’s workforce.

A mother of three, Laura has been ‘a working FIFO wife’ and has worked across four continents. She spends many hours mentoring other women, both inside and outside the company, to help them succeed in the sector.
Laura is also the first woman to be appointed as a Vice President of the Queensland Resources Council. 
She is also chair if the Minerals Council of Australia Gender Diversity Reference Group.
‘We must encourage our male colleagues to speak out on the subject. They remain the dominant hiring managers in our business and it is only through their engagement that we will see magnified change in the status quo,’ said Laura.
‘I have spoken at women’s events around the world to empower other women and show them that females can successfully fill senior roles in the industry. I believe diversity is not only important for individuals but also for our businesses.
‘Often I am the only women at the table in meetings. This needs to be corrected.’ 
‘Our contribution as an industry extends beyond employment, community development, royalties, taxes and shareholders and into people’s futures and dreams.
‘The ability to transform a natural resource into energy, infrastructure or food has far-reaching implications for the communities beyond our front gate. It is the cornerstone for development and improving living standards across the world. The role our industry plays is very significant and comes with great responsibility.’
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“I think it really talks to how great we are as an industry and how bloody awesome the women are that work in this industry,” she said. “It’s a really great place to be.”
“When I first started in mining, I remember going underground in the UK and people downing tools because it was unlucky to have a woman on the shift, it was unlucky to have a woman on the level, and they wouldn’t start work until you left,” she said. “Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see women on our crews, women leading teams running entire sites.
“These achievements are real and we should be really proud to be working in an industry that empowers and builds in this way.”
In an ironic turn of events, the majority of speakers at the awards ceremony were men.
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Queenslander takes out women in resources top gong, The Sydney Morning Herald

South Australia produced five finalists at the National Awards. For more information, read the media release.

More diverse workforces are helping resource companies achieve superior performance, safety and stable production, says BHP Billiton’s Human Resource President, Mike Fraser.
Mr Fraser delivered the keynote address at the inaugural Women in Resources Awards (WIRNA) in Brisbane today, with the national awards program building on the state-based Resources Council awards, celebrating the achievements of women,
men and companies who make outstanding contributions to the industry.
BHP Billiton boasted four finalists at the Awards, with Laura Tyler, Asset President, Cannington winning the ‘Exceptional Woman in Australian Resources.’
Mr Fraser spoke about the important business benefit that comes from diversity and inclusion. “Diversity and inclusion make good business sense,” Mr Fraser said. “We have found that where our workplaces are more inclusive and collaborative, we
achieve superior performance results. Safety results are better, production is more stable, employee engagement is higher and turnover is lower.” Importantly, Mr Fraser said diversity was not just about gender, but includes different aspects of individual uniqueness including thought, experience, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, orientation, gender and perspective. 
Mr Fraser went on to say that BHP Billiton has implemented a number of diversity initiatives to help drive performance.
“We are addressing the historical gender imbalance we have seen in our industry by having a particular emphasis on increasing female representation in key operational roles,” Mr Fraser said. “For example, in Queensland, our Daunia and Caval Ridge operations are proving that with a strong commitment, the gender diversity gap in the resources industry can
be narrowed. “From the start of development of these projects seven years ago, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) committed to create a diverse workforce at Daunia and Caval Ridge with at least 30% female and 5% Indigenous employees. “The operations offered training for female employees new to the industry and interested in taking on more responsibility. We are now on track to achieve this goal by 2015 with female employees now making up 25% at Daunia and 20% at Caval Ridge.”
Mr Fraser also congratulated the finalists and winners of the WIRNA Awards and said that BHP Billiton was very pleased to have four finalists nominated:
 Lucas Dow, Asset President, BMA for the ‘Excellence in Diversity Programs and Performance’ category,
 Laura Tyler, Asset President, Cannington for ‘Exceptional Woman in Australian Resources’,
 Jo Barron-Perry, Senior Mining Engineer, Olympic Dam for ‘Gender Diversity Champion in Australian Resources’ category 
 Emma Stevenson, Electrical Instrument Technician, Nickel West for ‘Outstanding Australian Tradeswoman/ Operator/ Technician category.
“I would like to congratulate all the finalists, including the BHP Billiton finalists and winner Laura Tyler from Cannington. Participation in these awards will go a long way to raising awareness about the important role that diversity plays in our business and the resources sector generally.”
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