IWRMP 2020

In October, we successfully completed the latest (digital) edition of the International Women In Resources Mentoring Programme (IWRMP). This 6-month mentorship programme will be offered for the fourth consecutive year in 2021 and is scheduled to run from April to October 2021.

Participants’ evaluation continues to rise year-on-year, and it is great to see that our ongoing optimisations to the programme have a positive impact and are well received.


Global WIM Exchange


In August, we established IWiM as the secretariat for global discussions of gender and mining. This global agenda connects with the work of many international organisations focusing on gender in extractives. Coordinating quarterly meetings among organisations promoting gender equality in the mining sector, including IFC, IGF, World Bank, EITI, ILO, WEF and ICMM, allows information sharing about priorities and initiatives, increases coordination at local and international levels and will improve effectiveness and accelerate positive impact for women.


ESIA Gender Consultation & Gender and Mining Governance Online Open Course


In September, we joined forces with IGF Mining on a consultation exercise focused on early integration of gender in ESIAs and assessment of gendered impacts of mining.

IWiM participated in the IGF Mining/UNDP MOOC on gender and mining governance where our Chair, Gillian Davidson, was a guest lecturer. We were honoured to participate in this 4-week course, which was built on extensive research conducted or commissioned by leading industry institutions to build greater awareness and develop skillsets on gender governance in mining.


WEF’s Skills of the Future Programme

IWiM sits on the World Economic Forum (WEF) ’s Skills of the Future taskforce. One of our actions together with Kloeckner & Co was designing and developing a reverse mentoring programme for knowledge transfer between senior mining professionals and younger, digital-aware millennials. Our experience in developing and delivering the IWRMP proved invaluable here.




Associates Network


The global WIM movement has made some great strides in 2020! In July we started discussions with WIM organisations worldwide to organise a global coordination platform aiming to leverage collective strength to promote diversity, gender equality and inclusion in the mining sector with a strong, unified WIM voice. The Founding Committee, composed of 14 WIM organisations from every continent, has since worked on defining the specific purpose, objectives and mission of the Network.

Early in the new year, the Founding Committee will finalise an official declaration, which will be published in the context of the inaugural Global WIM Summit of March 2020.


Global WIM Summit

In the last quarter of the year, we have been finalising the details for the first-ever Global WIM Summit for leaders of WIM organisations. It will take place virtually in March 2021 with a focus on organisational growth and capacity building through deep-dive workshops with external facilitators, plus improving relationships and connections via networking sessions.




IWiM-World Bank Collaboration

In collaboration with the World Bank, we conducted academic research on WIM organisations to find out more about the reasons behind their creation as well as their successes, challenges and needs to be an active agent of change towards gender equality in the mining sector in their respective country. Look out for our joint report, which is due to be published in March 2021.

We will be participating in the World Bank Gender and Oil, Gas and Mining Conference and invite everyone to join.


Inclusive Workplace Design in Mining

This ambitious initiative kicked off with an in-person round table at PDAC on 4 March 2020. We are working on additional virtual, regional round tables focused on reimagining the workplace of the future. Next year our aim is to host all the round tables including one on BIPOC and one on LGTBQ+ and publish discussion summaries and overviews of regional differences. For 2021 we are planning a social media awareness campaign and a charter and we envisage a toolkit further down the line.


Gender & Mining Library


We recently unveiled a new tool of which we are very proud. Crucially, our new website links to our Gender & Mining Library, a powerful online resource for researchers, individuals, companies, associations, governments etc seeking to understand the history, current context, and future of diversity, equity and inclusion in the extractive industries.



Our Revamped Website

We further strengthened our digital footprint through the publication of our new website, which went live in June. If you’ve not already visited it, you’ll find it at

Our Jobs platform

More companies are sharing their job advertisements with us and we encourage you to check out the current career opportunities.


Downloadable PDF – 2020 Year in Review